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< Hedge Fund Performance Index Monthly

Month End Dec 2018
Value Return
Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index Asset Weighted2311.710.42%-1.19%6.34%8.71%
Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index Equal Weighted1731.19-1.74%-5.01%4.45%7.64%
S&P TSX Composite14322.86-5.76%-11.64%4.02%12.59%
S&P 500 (quoted in USD)2506.85-9.18%-6.24%5.90%13.82%
S&P 5003418.59-6.82%1.71%6.50%11.18%
DEX 91 Day Treasury Bill Index410.790.17%1.38%1.53%2.29%
DEX Universe Bond Index 1047.141.35%0.99%4.34%3.49%
* since inception of index (December 31. 2004)
** of monthly returns

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